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  • UX UI Design | ZigMEDIA

    UX • UI • PROTOTYPING We at ZigMEDIA make it our priority to understand why your target audience behaves the way they do, NOT change or influence their behaviour, but accommodate it in the way the product works, looks and feels to the user. UX design is above all a people-focussed craft. PROTOTYPING In my recent book Brief guide to prototyping for UX, I look into the benefits of prototyping, manual vs digital prototyping tools, fidelity, rapid prototyping, the user testing process etc. Prototype is a working model of a finished product built to test a creative idea, and crucially, a process that can be learned from. ​ User Experience and Prototyping are inseparably linked. UX focusses on the overall experience of a person using a product, such as a website or apps. Prototyping is about finding out as early as possible in the design process if the tested product triggers positive emotions. No serious product can go into full production before it is prototyped and user-tested.

  • Design for Print | ZigMEDIA

    DESIGN FOR PRINT Printed page doesn't need recharging. And it never breaks either. Just like most modern-day consumers and web junkies, we too love the speed and convenience that the digital age brings to our lives. Yet print continues to influence us, inform us and entertain us. Although the world has long moved online, print continues to play an important role in the way companies communicate their culture, their brand and their products to their customers. CD COVER DESIGN PROMO MATERIAL CATALOGUE - BROCHURE DESIGN The captivating smell of print ink, the tactile magic of a brochure or a magazine, the turning of physical pages - it all adds to the positive experience of a brand as it brings that extra bit of edge helping to further promote customer loyalty.

  • Branding | ZigMEDIA

    BRANDING "Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room." Jeff Bezos A good company logo is an essential part of clear brand communication. It is a shorthand illustration and a visual clue to the brand, its culture, its ethos and its uniqueness. A well-designed logo can transcend all national, cultural and language barriers. A logo representing a brand is meant to clearly and instantly inform the target audience about the company identity. It can be serious, comical, sharp, soft, aggressive, friendly, or a mix of any of these, whichever works best for your business. Client: Mikan Zlatkovich Jazz Pianist - San Diego, CA USA Client: Cameleon Night Club Sparti, Pelopenese, Greece Client: Istituto HFC Family Mediation - Rome, Italy Client: Hellas Homes Estate Agents - Kalamata, Greece Client: Daniel J. Parc Jazz Singer - San Diego, CA USA Client: Web Surgeons Design Agency - Birmingham, UK ​ Client: Ustadh Umar Tai-Chi Academy - Wexford, Ireland Client: Be Safe - GPS Tracking Systems Kalamata, Greece Client: Trevor Lawrence Hip & Knee Clinic - Solihull, UK Client: PWS Rail Ltd. Infrastructure, Recruitment & Training London, UK Client: Creative Artizans Solihull, UK Client: Jerome Guitars Guitar Luthier Acocks Green, Birmingham, UK

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